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How the Safety setting can be reverted back to default.

As default the checksum for the safety system is shown as CCCC and when changing settings in the safety system this checksum changes – this is in order to have an opertunity to verify that the safety settings is at a certain setting.


To revert back to the default setting is possible by creating a new installation file.


For the installation menu and Load/Save – and the option Create new will create a new installation file with the default settings and the safety checksum is back to CCCC.



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By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
Accredited Universal Robots support Centre and Forum.

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  1. Hi,

    is it possible to get the actual safety checksum?
    I want to prove the safety checksum in the before start sequence.


    1. Hi Andreas

      Thanks for the question.

      I have not seen such function to retreive the checksum value.

      By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
      Accredited Universal Robots support Centre and Forum.

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