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Zacobria Profile and about Universal-Robots in Singapore.

Zacobria Pte. Ltd. is an authorized Universal-Robots distributor in Singapore and a Universal-Robots service center.

Zacobria provide the flexible 6 axis Universal-Robots which are silent, light weight, low cost, user friendly programming, robot arms including support.

Along with the robots Zacobria provide extensive hints and tips manual with real program examples and as Zacobria provide training and the comprehensive training manual and support capabilities along with our hotline we can offer a strong and professional solution.

We can offer the robots as stand alone solution or be your integrator along with a wide range of tools to be applied on the robot arm.

Zacobria & Universal Robots make robot automation available to all.
We develop and sell industrial robots that can automate and streamline boring and monotonous industrial processes, enabling the production department to assign staff to other tasks
If you have production tasks that could benefit from automation, our low-noise robot could be the perfect, simple solution for your business – providing financial, human and technical benefits. The robot arm can be customized to meet your own unique requirements and its costs are quickly recovered.

Due to the user-friendly software, our robots can be applied to your production processes within a very short amount of time, and it is user friendly for the staff to operate.

Industrial robots constructed to minimise the risk of breakdown it can also be quickly re-programmed to handle other tasks; thus, it meets most of the requirements of industrial enterprises and production companies.

The robot's construction minimises the risk of breakdown, but if the robot does break down, it is user friendly and quick to repair. Universal Robot’s flexible, industrial robots will enable you to produce small batches.

Revolutionizing industrial robots. Universal Robots are revolutionizing the market for industrial robots, which has been characterised by large, heavy and expensive robots made by engineers for engineers.

Robots for everyone.