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OL 3000 Safety Relay Overload Crane View full size

OL 3000 Safety Relay Overload Crane

Safety Relay Overload Crane - Made In Denmark

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OL 3000

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OL 3000 A intensifier.
Crane overload safety – apply special for control of crane overload. Have 2-relay output for overload safeties.
Can be delivered whit 4-20mA outputs or 0-
2V who can be applied
for summation of two OL 3000A.
OL 3000 C sum.
The sum-edition applies together whit two OL 3000 A intensifier for summation. For example between two cranes. With this you get 2 relay-point function for each OL 30
00 and 2 relay outputs from OL
3000 C SUM. Can also be delivered with 4- 20mA outputs

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