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Dynamometer 6.5 Ton View full size

Dynamometer 6.5 Ton

Dynamometer Made In Denmark

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Dynamometer 6.5 Ton

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Underhook/Inline load link
Underhook/Inline load link with capacity from 2,0T to 120,0T Accuracy of 0,2% +-1d.
- Underhook with 10 m. cable to instrument, handheld type or indicator with 25 mm. large digit.
- Underhook with wireless transfer of data to instrument.
- Underhook with display.
- Underhook with display and wireless transfer of data to instrument.
Under hook/inline load link
Type Article no Length in mm Width in mm Hole diameter Weight in kg
2,0T D2000A-2T 150 95 - 2,5
6,5T D2000A-6,5T 220 95 30 mm 4
12,5T D2000A-12,5T 250 95 36 mm 4,5
25,0T D2000A-25T 340 108 52 mm 8
55,0T D2000A-55T 440 160 73 mm 16
120,0t D2000A-120T 500 200 102 mm 37

Accessories (Options).

Type Article no.
Transmitter 2000B-6V-RTX
Blackbox for 2000-C
Metalsuitcase for Dynamometer Only from 2,0t to 25,0T KUF-ALU
Exit for printer or pc U-P-P
Charger 1890128

Transmitter for dynamometer Black box with display
2000B-6V-RTX 2000-C

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