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“For the first time is our IMM machine is working to capacity over much longer time and we could utilize resources for other tasks”.

Zacobria & Universal-Robots offer unique and flexible 6 axis multi purpose low-cost robot arms. These robot can be applied for robot automation applicationsfor almost any industry and for everyone. UR5 has a lifting capacity of 5 Kg and UR10 has a lifting capacity of 10 Kg..

The robot is designed, developed and manufactured by Universal-Robots in Denmark on the foundation of a creative and innovative idea with high emphasis on quality. As an industrial robot the UR robot is fast to implement because of its innovative programming method. User programs can be made direct from the Polyscope GUI (Graphic User Interface) and therefore it is also easy and flexibleto change for new tasks because the Linux OS platform and Polyscope robot programming developer facility needed for programming the robot is supplied with the entire packet.
An important factor to implement robots in production is that the robot can help to Increased Productivity and optimized production standards which is paramount to acheive short term business cases. One area where the UR robot has proven its success is to close the Automation Gap. For example Automation lines has been used for many years all over the world also in Asia for highly productive production, but the challenge can be to transfer a semi completed product to the next automation line or to feed workpieces into the next automation line for further process – which is the Automation Gap. Here the UR has proven to be easy to implement and therefore perform the task to transfer the half finish product from one automation line into the next automation line.

The robot is also equipped with digital and analogue inputs and outputs I/O ports and Ethernet interfaces for communication with external equipment and other control systems such as PLC and SCADA systems through I/O or Ethernet socket. The robot and controller can control a small cell with the robot itself and external equipment such as sensors, vision and activation of conveyors and other external equipment. This makes it ideal to use for CNC feedingCNC tendingand Injection Moulding Machine IMM tending.

Learn the robot programming in 30 minutes by using the standard Teach-In software. Zacobria Pte. Ltd. can provied customized robot tools and jigs. or You can choose to develop your own tools

With the Universal-Robot and Zacobria range of general industrial robot toolsyou can build your own robot system and application and thereby be you own integrator to have your control of the integration cost.

Universal-Robots Zacobria Program download.

Disclaimer: While the Zacobria Pte. Ltd. believes that information and guidance provided is correct, parties must rely upon their skill and judgement when making use of them. Zacobria Pte. Ltd. assumes no liability for loss or damage caused by error or omission, whether such an error or omission is the result of negligence or any other cause. Where reference is made to legislation it is not to be considered as legal advice. Any and all such liability is disclaimed.

If you need specific advice (for example, medical, legal, financial or risk management), please seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in that area.

By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
Accredited 2015-2018 Universal Robots support Centre and Forum.

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7 thoughts on “General

  1. Arunava Nag


    I have been working on the ur10 programming using along with a cognex through ur scripting. Everything has been going at its own development phase. But suddenly encountered some error displayed on the pendant which says:

    Protective Stop
    C207A0 : Fieldbus input disconnected.
    It is not letting me run any program on the robot, from the pendant. Can you tell me what has exactly happened and how can i troubleshoot this?

  2. Brendan Fogarty

    Hello Lars and all.
    I have not need to ask for help for some time now, which is good, but that has changed!!

    Firstly, how do I start a new topic on the forum? I have just had to use Leave a Reply to this topic to get this posted.

    Now the real question. We have a customer using a UR5. It picks blank plates from a range of storage positions and places them under a laser for marking. This has been running for 6 months. It has just started coming up with a Security Stop….Joint Security. The UR5 can be re-homed, and the cycle started, but it stops in the same place each time. The UR5 runs it’s own fixed program. (the positions are NOT being sent by a PC). We cannot see any external physical obstruction which would cause an over force problem. What else will cause this error? Unfortunately, the installation is a long way from me, and I cannot run tests on the system. If I need to go to site, I must be confident that I can solve the problem.

    Thanks very much for your attention.


    1. zacopressadmin Post author

      Hi Brendan

      Thanks for the questions.

      If the robot is far from you then it might be a good help to get them to take a photo of the log screen and send it to you so you can see the resent log entries.

      Alternative you can also send the log capture script file and get the entire log in a file which they can email to you – I am sure your local UR distributor can help you with this.

      From the log you might be able to conclude what is going on.

      For a new topic – you can write to me and provide the information and maybe photos or screen shoots then I will put on the forum as an independent forum if it benefits many users.

      By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
      Authorised Universal-Robots Support Forum.

  3. Karl.G.D

    Hi Lars,

    Thanks for the fast reply. By switch, i mean a ethernet hub where I can put more than one ethernet cable in the robot. Since the ethernet port is occupied by the cable for the hand, I am lacking in port to put the cable that goes to the pc.

    Thanks a lot for the help

  4. Karl.G.D


    I am a last year student in electronics and my project is to put the UR5 in a little facility. I have a Robotiq hand attach to the robot. To communicate with it, we used the ethernet port to connect with the modbus. My question is : Can I install a ethernet switch to communicate with my PC? I want the robot to send position information to my pc so that i can monitor is action and where he is compared to the other movingpart in the facility.


    1. zacopressadmin Post author

      Hi Karl

      Thanks for your email.

      I am not sure I understand what you mean by ”installing a switch” ?

      But I also don’t think you have to.

      This example do receive coordinates from the robot and is received on a PC. The program also sends coordinates to the robot.

      By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
      Authorised Universal-Robots Distributor.


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