Increasing Productivity using Robots

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Increase productivity can mean many different things and can be obtained in many different ways. One way can be defined as “produce more at lower cost”. Sounds difficult, but here are some examples from real life situations. This presentation will provide some ideas on how to identify areas where automation can be implemented with the aim to increase productivity by using robots. Some examples and areas of possibilities will be CNC feeding, IMM feeding and Pick and Place tasks. The presentation will identify the Automation Gap. Since this presentation evolve around the use of 6 axis robots which has the ability to carry out operation task, the goal here is to “identify idle time”. Based on typical needs in the industry such as increase consistency, reduce idle time and longer production windows at lower cost, the ease of implementation of automation becomes an important factor. For example to utilise an equipment with no requirement for specialised software, a programmer will not only ensure a fast implementation but also fast and optimal reorganisation of production lines when the production flow require so, for example, at low volume production quantity. Then it is possible to make the topic of automation an operator task instead of complicated high skilled and costly project experience. This topic also includes the safety considerations and interface with other equipment that is necessary to handle in an easy and smooth way in the pursuit of increased productivity. Although we are in an area with traditionally low wage region, there have been examples where the payback time has been less than 1 year and even down to months in other areas. To lower the production cost is not always the driving factor and initial incentive to implement automation. Consistency is becoming more important when the world require quality over quantity which can lead to a reduction in manufacture cost over time in many ways. So automate to earn more.

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By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
Accredited 2015-2018 Universal Robots support Centre and Forum.

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