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Zacobria Profile and about Universal-Robots in Singapore.

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Zacobria Pte. Ltd. Accredited 2015-2018 Universal-Robots support Centre and Forum. MiR Mobile-Industrial-Robot Service Center.

Zacobria can provide the flexible 6-axis Universal-Robots which are silent, lightweight, and low-cost, as well as user-friendly programming possibilities, robot arms, and support.

Along with the robots, Zacobria provides an extensive hints and tips manual with real programme examples. Zacobria also provides training and a comprehensive training manual, and combined with our support capacities and our hotline service, we can offer you a strong and professional solution.

Our robots can serve as stand-alone solution and we also offer a wide range of tools to be applied on the robot arm.

Zacobria & Universal-Robots make robot automation available to everybody.

We develop and sell industrial robots that can automate and streamline monotonous industrial processes, enabling the production manager to assign staff to other tasks.

If you have production tasks that could benefit from automation, our low-noise robot could be the perfect, simple solution for your business – providing financial, human, and technical benefits. The robot arm can be customised to meet your own unique requirements, and the cost of the robot is quickly covered.

An important factor when deciding to implement robots in your production is that a robot can help to Increase Productivity and optimise production standards, which is paramount to achieve short-term business goals. One area where the UR robot has proven its success is the closing of the Automation Gap. For example, Automation lines have been used for many years all over the world, also in Asia, for highly productive production processes. However, it can be a challenge to transfer a semi-completed product to the next automation line, or to feed workpieces into the next automation line for further processing – this is called the Automation Gap. And this is where the UR has proven to be easy to use for performing the task of transferring a semi-completed product from one automation line to the next automation line.

Learn how to programme the robot in 30 minutes by using the standard Teach-In software. Zacobria Pte. Ltd. can provide customised robot tools and jigs. , or you can choose to develop your own tools.

Python® is used as the scripting language for program examples.

With the range of general, low-cost industrial robot tools from Zacobria, you can build your own robot system and application, being your own integrator and having control yourself of integration costs.

Due to their user-friendly software, our robots can be applied to your production processes within a very short period of time, and the software is user-friendly for your staff to operate. A thorough risk assessment must however always be made.

Our industrial robot is designed to minimise the risk of breakdown. It can also be quickly reprogrammed to handle other tasks; thus, it meets most of the requirements of industrial enterprises and production companies.

The robot design minimises the risk of breakdown, but if the robot does break down, its repair is user-friendly and quickly performed. The flexible, industrial Universal Robot will enable you to produce small batches.

Revolutionising industrial robots:

Universal-Robots are revolutionising the industrial robots market, which has been characterised by large, heavy, and expensive robots made by engineers for engineers.

Robots for everybody.

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Lars Skovsgaard has 8 years of working experience at LEGO Systems (a toy manufacture) IT department as electronic engineer and 10 years at Crisplant A/S, a provider of high speed automation solutions used world wide commonly at airport baggage handling systems. Lars has been living and working in Singapore since 2002 with the Asia Pacific region as working area. Since 2010, Lars has been the Managing Director of Zacobria Pte Ltd in Singapore which supplies Automation solutions based on the Universal-Robots. Among other solution is weighing and load cell technology.

Obtain a ROI (Return On Investment) of 1 year through utilization of robot arm and automation. Productivity and Innovation Credit (“PIC”)

Obtain an ROI (return on investment) within 1 year through the utilisation of a Universal robot arm and automation from Zacobria.

Singapore encourages local-based companies to create mechanised and automated work environments to keep a highly educated and skilled workforce as well as workplaces for it in Singapore.
Efforts to this purpose have been made by way of tax policies that benefit local companies who introduce mechanisation and automation, and by way of allowing accelerated capital allowance for most assets used for business purposes.
The Productivity and Innovation Credit (“PIC”) scheme has been introduced in the Singapore Budget to encourage productivity and innovation, by providing enhanced tax incentives for investments in a wide range of activities, such as automation equipment and training of employees.

Encouraging productivity and innovation.

The Singapore Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme offers a 400% tax deduction on up to 400,000 SGD of your investment, or a cash payout option of up to 30% of your 100,000 SGD investment.

Lab Automation.

Laboratory processes are suited for robotic automation as the processes are composed of repetitive movements (e.g. pick/place, shaking, and testing).
Automation and robotics are increasingly freeing scientists from the need to constantly monitor their experiments. Introducing automation increases productivity, reduces laboratory costs, and provides individual researchers with more time for creative purposes.
Researchers are making steady progress, advancing their science with new tools and systems that can prepare samples and run experiments.
Automation of routine laboratory procedures and fully functional robotic systems can turn jobs once done manually during an eight-hour shift into procedures that require very little human intervention, and that operate (at least in theory) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Simple, repetitive tasks can be automated.

Free uptime for workers.

Automation and the ever increasing number of robotics have transformed the typical workday for many individual workers.

Advantages using Industrial Robots.

Faster processing (notice that automation is not always faster than a human operator)
Increased repeatability
Increased productivity
Improved efficiency
High reproducibility
Establish safer working environments
Reduction in materials wastage due to optimised process variables
Ability to perform work continuously unaffected by human constraints
Ability to perform work in and around harsh environments
Withdraws staff from monotonous, repetitive tasks

Author: By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
Accredited 2015-2018 Universal Robots support Centre and Forum.
Mir Mobile-Industrial-Robots Service and Support Centre.


Zacobria Universal Robots

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