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Application for Controlling Universal-robot with 6-dimension joystick.
Zacobria Industrial Robotics Automation Solutions

Zacobria Pte. Ltd. is based in Singapore and focus on support to industrial automotion and robotics.

Zacobria Pte Ltd and our sister company Esmap Services Pte Ltd are established by Lars Skovsgaard in Singapore who have 40 years of experience in Electronics and Automation as follows:

8 years of working experience at LEGO Systems IT department as electronic engineer.

10 years at Crisplant A/S, a provider of high speed automation solutions used world wide commonly at airport baggage handling systems.

Since 2002 permanently based in Singapore with the Asia Pacific region as working area serving companies such as:

Crisplant – Beumer.

Universal-Robots (UR).

Mobile-Industrial-Robots (MiR).


Vetec (Nordtech) Weighing Solutions.

Work Experience:

40 years experience in component level support
30 years automation experience
20 years permanent based in Asia pacific
10 years Robotics experience

Business experience

Director and Business owner
Sales – PL and accounting
Contract negotiations MNC and GLC
Customer Support

Role experience

Service Manager – Project Manager
Technical Supporter
24/7 Hotline Supporter (WW)
Commissioning engineer
Field Service engineer
Training performer

Technology experience

Electronic circuits, Computers, Microcontrollers
Data Communication – RS-485 – USB
Ethernet TCP/IP

System Platform experience

Linux – Ubuntu
Windows & MS Office

Programming experience

ReST API & Postman
Robot arm programming
AMR Mobile Robot programming
HTML and Web design

Product experience

Universal-Robots (UR)
Mobile-Industrial-Robots (MiR)
London Electrics
3D cameras and vision systems

Segment experience

Robotics – Automation
Autonomous Mobile Robots
Wireless Radio Communication
Lidar – Laser scanner
3D cameras Camera and vision systems
Sensors Photo & Proximity sensors etc.






Zacobria Pte. Ltd.

Sister Company – Esmap Services Pte. Ltd. 


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