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UR Files format.

Extracting files to the office computer.

After the user program files have been saved on a USB drive it is very easy to transport them to an office computer for documentation and backup. Just insert the files into your office computer and they are there to be viewed.


Aside from the user files the UR controller also stores the default.intsllation files which are useful if a user program is transferred to another robot that for some reason had a modified default installation file. E.g. another IP address. Then it is very easy to reload the default.installastion file and make the user program run on another robot and.

The controller saves the user program file in three different versions. This is our “My_first_program” as explained in the “Programming” section of this manual.

The .txt files contain a simple description of our user program.



The .urp file is a binary file that the UR robot use and is not easy readable.



The .script file is our user program as a script file.

def My_first_program():
set_analog_inputrange(0, 0)
set_analog_inputrange(1, 0)
set_analog_outputdomain(0, 0)
set_analog_outputdomain(1, 0)
set_gravity([0.0, 0.0, 9.82])
while True:
$ 0 “Robot Program”
$ 1 “MoveJ”
$ 2 “Waypoint_1”
movej([-0.7601482324296471, -1.9284112483400442, 2.4200850009312065, -2.13148960204731, -1.562351390833685, -0.9523963238633675], a=1.3962634015954636, v=1.0471975511965976)
$ 3 “Waypoint_2”
movej([-0.7601145807261123, -1.925313457229536, 1.4271208291636501, -1.1406326407517442, -1.5621569587688118, -0.9518539657810257], a=1.3962634015954636, v=1.0471975511965976)

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