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Pick and place application using pneumatic gripper:


This Example is a simple pick and place program using a pneumatic gripper. The parts used and files to download are below on this page.

The valve used has two relays – one for opening the gripper and one for closing the gripper. The valve relays are connected to output 6 and 7 on the robot and the pneumatic tube are connected to the pneumatic chuck.

In this case the connection is made so if output 6 is OFF and output 7 is ON then the gripper is open. If output 6 is ON and Out put 7 is OFF then the gripper is closed. (If both outputs 6 and 7 are set to the same value then the open and close state is undefined).

A program with Waypoints are created so the gripper is being opened in the beginning of the program. Then the robot moves down to an object and close the gripper and thereby hold the part. Then the robot moves up and over to a new location and opens the gripper and thereby release the part and the robot moves up.

In this case the robot goes down and pick the part again and move it back to the original position of the part.

And then the program runs again the same cycle.

Notice the Wait statements when opening and closing the gripper in order to give the pneumatic mechanics time to also open and close the gripper – otherwise the part might be not fully held or released when the robot starts to move – therefore the Wait statements.

The Program:


For this application is used these components:


SMC chuck with fingers.


SMC Valve.


Compressor to provide compressed air. (You might already have compressed air in your facility).

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