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UR Pattern Templates.

Pallet Pattern Square.

In this case a “Pattern” is chosen in the Advanced Structure Menu and in the Command screen a “Square” Pattern is chosen.


This will create a program entry for a Square (or Rectangular) Pallet Pattern which consists of the 4 corners of the Pattern and a program block for the action at each Point in the Square.


The Pattern Square the interval count defines the number of position between the corners. In this case the Square has 8 positions which are arranged 4 by 2.

This means the Square (or Rectangular) does not only consists of the 4 corners, but also the intermediate points in the Pattern.

And individual Speed for the Pattern can be defined.


In the “Pallet Sequence” a program can be created which are to be executed every time the robot reaches a point in the Pattern.

A PatternPoint_1 is like a Waypoint. In this example the robot has two waypoints and 2 actions and a wait to perform each time it reaches a one of the 8 positions in the Square Pattern.


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